The Challenges Accountants Face with Solutions

Calculator and notepad on top of dollar bills

Technology is the greatest game changer in our lives today. It has modified how things are now done in the workplace. Accountants face a very different landscape when it comes to the system that they operate on. In the area of taxes that we must pay to subsidize government spending, this is appreciated even more with the help of tax services in Kearny NJ.

Accountants now need to transform from their traditional way of thinking to become more technologically savvy. They must stay relevant, and this requires adaptability to hi-tech change and the challenges it brings. On the other hand, there is the major advantage of easy data entry, quick reconciling of bank entries, and convenient billing. Still, the five prevalent problems shouldn’t be underestimated.

Lack of IT & Digital Literacy

Accountants and CPAs must keep up with the ever-evolving technology that has become an integral part of the business. Being knowledgeable in the field is no longer just an advantage. It has become a requirement. It’s been determined that digitally savvy accounting firms top the market by 34 percent. No accountant needs to be an expert in technology. However, you must have a competent team that can look into this area.

Developing A New Skill Set

Those in the profession of accounting now live in a more linked world. This means they must wear different hats and be more than just bookkeepers. They must also be adept at data analytics to identify trends and arrive at conclusions that will benefit the client. Beyond numbers, they need to have the ability to make sound financial forecasts. This makes them more valuable to a customer who can otherwise shop online for someone else.


In the interconnected world of accounting, data breaches have become a headache. Most of the digital break-ins focus on gathering employee and client information via emails with links to invoices. They may be seen as part of the workflow, but they are actually malware. Accountants must be trained in internal controls to prevent fraud. This safeguard is part of what’s offered by accounting services in Kearny, NJ.


This is another technical issue. It’s related to having accounting and finance functions operate on their own with the use of an apparatus or a system. For the peace of mind of accountants or CPAs, artificial intelligence will not replace them. Instead, it will enhance the way their work is done. Tools like Blockchain or Python AI can help those in the accounting business solve problems and lessen risks for the client.

Tax Updates

Accountants must pay attention to tax changes and be able to use the systems being used to handle taxes online. They should be aware of any updates that may have been added to existing government regulations. Digital tax dealing and filing are now a global practice. This makes it compulsory for those in the business to be familiar with IRS requirements. The tax accounting software is built to be compliant. Update regularly.

Final Note

Accountants will always be relevant. Yes, the career has definitely changed with the advent of cloud accounting, where business books are kept encrypted online. No, accountants will never be replaced by software or other business-related digital applications. They will still be needed every first quarter of the year when one has to pay taxes in April. 

Always remember that, in life, you need the following friends: a doctor, a lawyer, and an accountant. For tax services in Kearny, NJ, your friend is Nicholas J. Coco, a certified public accountant. He offers a variety of financial services, including accounting, a business plan, and taxes. Email him at or call 201-955-3100 for your inquiries or accounting needs.