Sales Tax Audits: Tips for Surviving and Thriving During an Audit

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In the world of business, it’s not always roses and rainbows, nor is it about successful ventures without obstructions along the way. In fact, behind every successful business lie multiple setbacks that lead to a stack of knowledge to better handle the different aspects and areas of business per se. Remember that you learn through experience, so the more you are exposed to or accustomed to it, the wiser you become. Eventually, you will be an expert in running your business and, even better, a renowned business owner.

If you ever wondered why business owners become successful, remember that they started from the basics to the complex parts of running a business. Consider yourself a starter in the field, so note that knowledge is power. Familiarize yourself with tax preparation in Kearny, NJ, and other things related to your business work.

When it comes to sales or revenue tax audits, which determine if your business has the right collection and payment of the correct sales tax, it is vital to keep a good business record. In that way, when a sudden audit request comes knocking on your doorstep, you do not have to stress yourself out by handing over the expected and required details. Here’s a heads-up to make sure that everything runs smoothly during an auditing process:

Be Honest
As cliche as the saying may seem, honesty remains the best policy. Audits are made to catch some mistakes, errors, and discrepancies in data, so it is important to be honest. Make sure that you made the right charges and paid the right amount of taxes on the purchases you made. No matter how complex the data may seem, transparency can help you survive an audit and your business thrive. So, disclose any errors and any significant supporting documentation to the auditor upfront.

Ready the Documents
Preparedness can influence the success of your business and contribute largely to your survival during an audit. As a business owner and taxpayer, you are expected to maintain a meticulous audit trail for the taxes charged and paid for purchases. Familiarize yourself with the different types of documents, such as tax preparation in Kearny, NJ. This increases your chance of 'survival’ and makes you knowledgeable when the auditor happens to request general ledger details, federal income tax returns, and more.

Prep the Accurate Records
In the realm of business, keeping clean records can save the day. It can save you from the turmoil and mess of data when a sudden audit requires you to present records and other documents. So, make it a habit to list down or record a steady flow of information.

Note that just because you can delay providing the specific documentation, the auditor can easily let you off the hook. It may mean that you are being uncooperative, and this may raise suspicion. In that case, the auditor may ask again, and this time, he or she will give another level of scrutiny to the records you provided.

Cooperate and Do Not Panic
A sudden audit may be nerve-racking to some, but maintaining yourself and keeping your nerves in check can make the process go smoothly. Remember that the more nervous you become, the more you might potentially mess up with the things meant to run seamlessly. Give the auditor an air of cooperation, and do not forget to show respect.


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