Financial Statements 101: All the Things You Need to Know

Financial Statements

Planning to start a small business in Kearny, NJ? Before you start doing so, you should know the essential things to do to achieve a successful business. Things such as financial statements, business tax, bookkeeping, and accounting. You need to be very careful, alert, and organized when handling these factors if you want your business to grow and flourish.


All the Things You Need to Know About Financial Statements

Here are all the things you need to know about financial statements.

   1. Financial Records Every Business Needs

    • Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is where your company’s assets, liabilities, and stockholder’s equity are shown.


    • Income Statement

The income statement reports, on the other hand, are where the revenue generated from your company’s sales, operating expenses, taxes, and interest expenses are shown.


    • Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement is a record that shows how much money is available for your company to meet short-term obligations, pay dividends to shareholders, or invest in the company.


   2. Importance of Financial Statements to the Management

One of the important things to know about financial statements is their importance to the management of your business. If you want your business management to understand your company’s performance compared to other business sectors, having updated, accurate, and detailed financial statements is essential.

This is because these statements record the performance of your management. These records will help the management justify all the work of each party involved in the business.


   3. Advantages of Financial Statements

    • For the Review of the Cash Flow

Through a cash flow review, you will be able to understand whether your business is operating under a recurrent revenue structure. A cash flow review will also help your business maintain its revenue model.


    • For the Review of the Liability

As a business owner, you can use your business’ financial statements as a basis if you are in a position to expand your business. Through financial statements, you can check whether you should reduce your company’s existing liabilities to apply for further capital expansion.


    • For the Review of Inventory and its Movement

Financial statements can also show you whether your products are in demand or not, are fast-moving or slow-moving, are within the trend of sales or not, and many other things. Through financial statements, you can decide whether to continue with your product or upgrade it.


    • For the Identification of Trends

As a business owner, you should always be ready to compare your financial statements over various periods  to point out business trends. This is because if you know the current business trends, you’ll discover more ways to grow your company.


    • For the Preparation of Budget

One of the important benefits you can get from financial statements is that you will be able to prepare a blueprint for the future of your business by analyzing the records of your financial statements.


Final Thoughts

These are the important facts and things to know about financial statements so you can build a successful business. If you need more information or help with the financial statements of your company, don’t hesitate to call Nicholas J. Coco at  201-955-3100 to ask for assistance and help. Let’s work together to achieve your company’s vision and goals.